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ROKSON Backbone Nodes and Segments

ROKSON segments stem from the Central communicational node (Central-1) at the Lenenergo HQ site in the center of St-Petersburg at Marsovo Pole (see "Network Map"). This is a strategic Point of Presence from where ROKSON maintains traffic exchange with SPB-IX and SPB-LE and links with external channels. From here the three major ROKSON backbone segments stretch out over high-bitrate fiber-optic channels:

Segment: Node:
1 Vassileostrovsky - "Academic" (SPb RC RAS);
- "Vassileostrovsky" (SPb Institute of Informatics and Automation, RAS).
2 Admiralty - "Admiralty" (SPb State University of Technologies and Design);
3 Northern - "Northern" (SPb Polytechnic University);
4 Southern - "Pulkovo" (Pulkovo Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences);

Another strategic PoP is the "Central-2" ROKSON node at Borovaya str. Exchange.

Network map