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Services and resources

ROKSON communicational services

The basic communicational and ISP services provided by ROKSON for client organizations include:

  • Connection points to the Internet and last mile links.
  • Allocation of IP-addresses blocks for corporate networks.
  • Subdomains registration under the ROKSON second-level domain NW.RU.
  • DNS-service (support of secondary name-servers for corporate DNS zones).
  • E-mail service (support of mail servers for corporate networks).

The services of ROKSON are available to organizations on the basis of official contract with the ROKSON Operator (SPbRC RAS) whose functions have been licenced by the Federal Survillance Survice in Telecomm Spheres.

ROKSON informational services and resources

  • Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing Server (CERN VRVS reflector at St. Petersburg RC RAS)
  • Stream Video Server of St.Petersburg Research Center RAS with bitrates choice of 300 or 182 Kbps (rtsp support required for browser) rtsp:// rtsp://
  • Bilingual web site of St.Petersburg Research Center RAS
  • Electronic library of Russian Fund for Basic Research (RFBR) (mirror copy for the North-West Region of Russia
  • Historic personalities of Russian Academy of Sciences during the two centuries period (years 1724-1924)
  • Information Server "Ethnology of Russia nationalities"
  • Electronic Collection "Russians in Kazakhstan"
  • Electronic Collection "Russia and Belorussia: ethnocultural dialog"
  • Audio Collections of Russian Speech and Dialects

Cluster computing resources Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg:

InterDepartmental Supercomputing Center RAS branch in St.Petersburg (Physico-Technical Inst premises)


Кол-во, шт.

2xP-III 1,2 GHz


2xAMD Athlon XP2400



(38 CPU)

St.Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute after B.P. Konstantinov (PNPI RAS) - Gatchina


Кол-во, шт.

P-IV 3,0 GHz


2xXEON 2,8 GHz


2x P-III-850 MHz


(44 CPU)

SPII RAS and PNPI RAS cluster applications examples:

  • Modeling of 3-dimentional flows in industrial apparatus (turbines, etc).
  • Crash tests in civil engineering.
  • Processing of simulation data for experiments on LHC (Atlas, CMS, Alice, LHC - B) on Grid technologies basis.


ROKSON participation in Grid Projects:

  • Regional Scientific Research Grid in St.-Petersburg;
  • Russian Data Intensive Grid (RDIG);
  • Expanding Grid for European E-Science (EGEE).

Russian Data Intensive Grid (RDIG)


  • To develop the national Grid infrustructure in the interests of scientific society with participation of organizations belonging to diverse scientific domains, spheres of education and industries
  • To advertise Grip technologies and to support training of specialists for utilization of Grid services in new fields of scientific research and economics.
  • To ensure large-scale participation of Russia in international efforts for development of global computer Grid infrastructure

Access to RDIG resources is available on the basis of virtual organizations.

RDIG Virtual Organization

  • eEarth Collaborative workgroups using GRID technologies in the fields of Geophysics
  • PHOTON SELEX Research experiments with Large segmented X-barion spectrometer
  • AMS Investigation of properties of the Matter with the instruments on International extraterrestrial orbital station
  • Fusion ITER Research in the field of plasma physics
  • RGStest Testing of Applications Software compatibility with Grid infrastructure in Russia
  • RDTEAM Testing of Grid software infrastructure of RDIG