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ROKSON Projects Co-ordination

The Telecommunications Department of St.Petersburg Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (SPb RC RAS) is in charge of the ROKSON projects strategic planning and implementation as well as technical support, maintenance and development of ROKSON telecommunicational backbone nodes and channels, as well as provision of informational services to client organizations.

The ROKSON Network Operator - SPbSC

The services of ROKSON are available to organizations on the basis of official contract with the Operator - SPbSC.

The ROKSON Operator (SPbSC) functions are officially licenced by the Federal Survillance Survice in Telecomm Spheres:

The Operator functions are:

  • network management
  • signing and fulfilling contracts with external telecom services providers and with ROKSON client organizations

Contact Person
Chief of the Telecommunications Department
Vladimir A. Nikolaev
Phone/Fax:   +7 (812) 328-2121

ROKSON Projects and Support Programmes

The ROKSON development is supported by:

  • Russian Foundation for Basic Reasearch ( projects (since 1995),
  • Federal Programme «National Computer Telecommunications Network for Science and Higher Education» (since 1995)
  • Russian Academy of Science Programme «Scientific Telecommunications Development» (since 1999).

ROKSON actively participates in various domestic and international initiatives and projects aimed for scientific, educational and cultural informational exchange involving St.Petersburg and North-West of Russia.

ROKSON milestones

  • years 1994 - 1995 Initiation and starting stages of the ROKSON Project development.
  • years 1995 - 1998 Restoration of the existed fiber-optic data communicational network in the area of the Vassiliyevsky Ostrov district of Saint-Petersburg. Establishment of main backbone nodes: "Central", "Academic", "Managerial", "Vassilyostrovsky" and "Northern". Numerous organizations of Russian Academy of Sciences are connected to the ROKSON backbone nodes.
  • years 1998 - 2001 Complete renovation of the fiber-optic data communicational network. Introduction of ATM technologies for the ROKSON backbone on the basis of IBM 8285 switches. A growing number of organizations of Russian Academy of Sciences are linked to ROKSON
  • years 2001 - 2005 Expansion of the fiber-optic data communicational network in the regions of the Vassiliyevsky Ostrov, Petrogradsky (Euler International Mathematical Institute) and Vyborgsky (Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute) districts of Saint-Petersburg. Establishmnt of a new backbone node at 57 Borovaya Street (Oktyabrskaya Railway NOC). Introduction of Gigabit Ethernet backbone highway channel. 
  • years 2005-2006 Extension of Gigabit Ethernet backbone channels to Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute and to the Petersburg Nuclear Phycics Institute at Gatchina in the suburbs. Establishment of GRID segment in St.Petersburg in co-operation with the Petersburg Nuclear Phycics Institute, Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute and St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation (SPII RAS). The Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo becomes linked to ROKSON. 
  • years 2005-2007 Further development and expansion of communicational media: premises of St.Petersburg Institute of Informational Sciences RAS, Institute of Russian History RAS, Department of Philosophy RAS, advancement projects for suburbian Petersburg Nuclear Phycics Institute and Institute of Physiology RAS. ROKSON backbone routing polices enhancement: renovation and introduction of new generation equipment and central backbone routers, separate routing polices for research and public traffic. Introduction of Grid technologies to the practice of scientific research in RAS organizations.